2015 WCT Arena Finals Champions!!!

Congratulations to BNA / UCONN Winners of the 2015 WCT Arena League Finals!!!

2015 WCT Finals Official Host Club: Atlanta Regional Polo Center

WCT Arena Finals Winners 2015

Playing for BNA/ UCONN Polo Team: Jessica Riemann, Audrey Persano, Carly Persano.

MVP: Carly Persano!!!

WCT Arena Finals BPP 2015

2015 Arena Finals Best Playing Pony:
“Wren” played by Carly Persano and owned by the Atlanta Regional Polo Center

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WCT Junior Qualifier Huge Success!!!

wct Jr arizona 2015 -results

The results are in…

CONGRATULATIONS and a special Thank You to the Arizona Polo Club and Natalie Grancharov for hosting this new opportunity for young girls to meet and compete in the Jr WCT!!!!
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The WCT Junior Invitational was created by WCT Founder Sunny Hale, to provide young girls
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Goals for the WCT Junior League:
To encourage and recognize the next generation of young girls in polo all over the world,
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