Palm City Polo WCT Qualifier!!!

Palm City Polo Club WCT Qualifier 10 Goal

March 30, 2016: Palm City Polo Club , South Florida, USA

Congrats to the winners VIPolo!!!! 

Dawn Weber (1 goal), Mili Galindo (1 goal), Lyndsay Dolan (2 goals), Maureen Brennan (6 goals)

Palm City WCT Q 2016 winer VIPolo

Congrats to MVP Courtney Asdourian!!!

Palm City WCT Q 2016 MVP courtney Asdourian

Mili Galindo’s Best Playing Pony win!!!!

Palm City WCT Q BPP

Palm City Polo WCT Q 2016 teams

L to R: Courtney Asdourian,Kathey Iverson,Tiana Smicklas, Jaqui Casey, Dawn Weber, Mili Galindo, Lyndsay Dolan, Maureen Brennan


WCT Qualifier News: Tabebuia Cup

2016 Tabebuia Cup Winners: Tiffany Busch, Claire Brougham, Cecelia Cochran, MVP Malia Bryan

8th Annual Tabebuia Cup WCT Qualifier

February 25, 2016: Port Mayaca Polo Club
Okechobee Florida USA

Michelob Ultra/Starfish defeated Taylor Hill Farm 3-2

2016 Tabebuia Cup Finals Teams
2016 Tabebuia Cup Finals Teams

MVP: Malia Bryan
Best Playing Pony: Faline- owned and played by Julia Steiner

Best Playing Pony: Faline
Best Playing Pony: Faline

Michelob Ultra / Starfish
Malia Bryan 0 goals
Claire Brougham 6 goals (UK)
Cecelia Cochran 5 goals
Tiffany Busch 7 goals
(18 goals)


Taylor Hill Farm
Sara Martin 0 goals
Julia Steiner 6 goals
Karen Reese 5 goals
Clarissa Echezarreta 7 goals
(18 goals)

WCT Q 2016 Port Mayaca

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WCT Tiffany Busch 1
Tiffany Busch 7 goals women’s handicap