Here are the basics to know about the sport of Polo


Outdoor Polo – played on grass a grass field that in size is comparable to 9 football fields. A regulation polo field is 300 yards long by 160 yards wide. Polo fields can have boarded sides with chalked end lines or boundaries outlining the perimeter of the field marked with paint or chalk. Polo teams competing in outdoor polo have 4 players per team.

Arena Polo – played inside of an arena. The size of a regulation polo arena is 300 feet in length by 150 feet in width. Arena polo allows for easier fan interaction, as the field size is much smaller and easy to follow the action. Most collegiate and interscholastic polo is played in the arena. Polo teams competing in arena polo have 3 players per team.


Polo Ponies
– the traditional term used to describe the horses used in polo.Horses can be of  any size and any breed that the player prefers. The average height of a polo pony used for adults ranges from 15 hands to 15.3 hands. Learn more about Polo Ponies at American Polo Horse

Polo Players– polo is open to men and women as well as youth girls and boys,who want to compete. Currently, one of the largest growing sectors in the sport of polo is women. New people to the sport are often learning to ride at the same time they learn to play polo.

Polo Clubs– exist all over the world and each one has a seasonal schedule of tournaments at a particular level of the sport. Most polo clubs are open to the public and welcome new players to the sport with lesson programs.