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When you join the WCT:
You are supporting the growth of world class women’s polo and joining
the camaraderie of a shared passion for polo among fans, players,
sponsors and new friends worldwide!
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Memberships are for the period of January 1 – December 31 of the year purchased.

Who we are:
WCT represents the largest women’s polo league in the world and the most well respected women’s polo brand within the sport of polo.
We are women’s polo.

Goals of the WCT:
new friendships, good polo, shared passion…and an introduction to the fastest growing
segment in the sport of polo today…women’s polo.

Welcome to the League:
We welcome you to the league and hope you will attend a match to meet some of the players and enjoy world class women’s polo action. Check our “Game Locations” page to find a polo club near you. Game Locations

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Official website of the Women’s Championship Tournament.
The WCT is the largest women’s polo league in the world and the most well recognized brand for women within the sport of Polo. Women’s polo currently represents one of the largest growing sectors in the sport of Polo worldwide. The WCT Women’s Polo league has recognized events in 6 countries representing all ages and skill levels of players. The WCT Women’s Polo League welcomes new members both playing and non-playing to join in the camaraderie of players, fans, sponsors who share in our mission: new friendships, good polo…shared passion. Welcome to the WCT Women’s Polo League…together, we are women’s polo.